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Solo trips for women: essential tips and best destinations

Essential tips and top destinations for solo trips for women in the US and abroad. Plan, stay safe, and empower yourself as a solo traveler.


 Solo trips for women

Solo trips for women can be an empowering and transformative experience. As a female traveler, you may have concerns about safety or navigating unfamiliar places alone. However, with the right preparation and mindset, solo travel offers unparalleled opportunities for personal growth and adventure.

In this blog post, we'll explore the advantages of traveling alone, provide advice to help you feel safe on your journey and introduce Worldpackers as a platform that can make your travels even more amazing.

Finally, we'll recommend five top destinations within the US ideal for solo female travelers along with five international locations perfect for those seeking new horizons abroad.

So get ready to embrace your wanderlust spirit while discovering how enriching traveling solo can truly be!

6 benefits of solo trips for women

Traveling alone as a female can be an invigorating and transformative experience. If you're still not sure about embarking on this journey, here are 6 reasons to do it:

1. Boosting independence and self-reliance

Solo travel pushes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to rely on yourself in unfamiliar situations. This newfound autonomy can lead to increased confidence in your ability to navigate challenges both during your travels and in everyday life.

2. Increasing cultural awareness

When traveling alone, it's easier to immerse yourself in local culture without distractions from companions or group dynamics. You're more likely to engage with locals, learn about their customs, traditions, language, and history - all while broadening your worldview.

3. Gaining a new perspective on life

Solo travel allows you the freedom to reflect on your experiences without outside influence or expectations from others. As you encounter different cultures and ways of living, it often leads to reevaluating what truly matters in life.

4. Improving your social skills

Solo backpacking encourages meeting new people along the way since there is no one else around for company by default. Your ability to communicate effectively will also improve, especially when forced into situations where non-verbal cues or foreign languages are involved.

5. Fostering self-reflection and personal growth

With ample time for introspection, solo travel can be a catalyst for deepening your understanding of yourself. You'll likely gain insights into your strengths, weaknesses, passions, and fears - all while learning to trust in your own abilities.

6. Reducing stress and improving mental health

Solo trips offer the opportunity to disconnect from daily responsibilities and focus on self-care. By taking a break from routine stresses, traveling alone can help improve overall mental well-being, reduce anxiety levels, and promote relaxation.

So why not take the plunge? The world is waiting!

Solo trips for women

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6 tips for solo female travelers

Still feeling a bit unsure? Here are some tips to help you navigate your solo journey with confidence:

1. Be aware of cultural norms and customs

Research the local culture, traditions, and etiquette in each destination before setting off on your adventure. This will help you avoid any faux pas and show respect towards the people who call these places home. You can find information about cultural norms through travel guides, blogs, or by connecting with locals online.

2. Choose safe accommodations

Picking a secure place to stay is crucial when traveling alone. Look for accommodations that have good reviews from fellow female travelers.

3. Share your itinerary with someone reliable

Maintain open communication lines with friends or family back home to ensure they know where you are during your trip. Share details of your flights, accommodations, planned activities, and emergency contact numbers so they can check up on you regularly.

4. Embrace new experiences

Venturing out solo is an opportunity to push boundaries and explore the unexplored. Attend local events, try new foods, learn a few phrases in the native language, and make friends with fellow travelers or locals. These interactions will enrich your journey and create lasting memories.

5. Trust your instincts

It's great to stay open and try new things, but traveling solo will also teach you when to respect your boundaries. Trust your intuition or inner voice if something seems amiss, and take the necessary steps to ensure your safety.

6. Do a work exchange or volunteering

Participating in work exchanges or volunteer programs like those offered by Worldpackers is a great way to immerse yourself in local culture while ensuring a safer environment. 

These opportunities provide accommodation and often meals in exchange for your skills - perfect for budget-conscious travelers looking for meaningful experiences. Got curious? We’ll talk more about that below!

Solo trips for women

Volunteering during your solo trips

Traveling solo as a woman can be life changing, and even more if you choose to do a work e xchange through Worldpackers. This platform offers you the opportunity to volunteer during your travels in the US or abroad while staying in safe accommodations, saving money, developing new skills, and forming strong bonds with locals and fellow adventurers. 

Safe accommodations

With Worldpackers, you'll have access to verified hostels, guesthouses, eco-villages, NGOs, family homes and other types of accommodation

Before your trip, you can read reviews from previous volunteers and message them or the host to clear any doubts you might have about the destination or the volunteer position. 

Worldpackers also offers an insurance, giving support to travelers in case somethings doesn’t go according to plan.

Connect with locals & other travelers

This type of volunteer program also gives you the chance to immerse yourself in local culture by working alongside residents of the community you're visiting.

Whether you choose to volunteer through work exchange programs (in hostels, for example) or social impact initiatives (such as teaching English at NGOs), you'll develop lasting friendships while making a positive difference in people's lives.

Save money on travel expenses

Worldpackers helps cut down on travel costs without compromising quality experiences. In exchange for volunteering your time and skills at various projects around the world (usually between 20-25 hours per week), hosts will provide free accommodation - sometimes even meals too. 

This arrangement allows budget-conscious female travelers to explore new destinations without breaking the bank.

Develop new skills & boost your resume

Volunteering with Worldpackers not only allows you to make a positive impact on local communities but also helps in personal and professional growth. 

You'll have the opportunity to learn valuable skills such as foreign languages, intercultural communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and adaptability - all of which can be added to your resume for future job prospects or educational pursuits

You can also develop more practical skills, like gardening, painting, bartending, cooking, caring for animals, taking professional photos and much more.

5 destinations for solo trips for women in the US

The United States offers amazing destinations perfect for female solo travelers, each with unique charm and attractions. Here are five of the best cities to visit on your next solo adventure:

1. Seattle

Seattle boasts remarkable natural beauty, an exciting cultural landscape, and a relaxed ambiance. With plenty of sights to see, such as Pike Place Market, Chihuly Garden and Glass, or taking a ferry ride across Puget Sound, you'll never run out of things to do in this beautiful city.

Check out the volunteer positions in Seattle.

travel solo to seattle

2. San Diego

This Southern California gem boasts some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country along with fantastic weather year-round. Enjoy surfing lessons at La Jolla Shores Beach or explore Balboa Park's numerous museums and gardens during your stay. Plus, San Diego has a friendly vibe that makes it easy to meet new people while traveling alone.

There are dozens of amazing volunteer positions in San Diego.

san diego

3. New York City

A unique travel experience awaits in New York City! From iconic landmarks like Times Square and Central Park to world-class museums such as MoMA or The Met - NYC offers endless opportunities for exploration without ever feeling lonely thanks to its bustling streets filled with fellow adventurers from all around the globe.

Feel like doing a work exchange in NYC? Check out these positions on Worldpackers!

nyc is  a great destination for solo travelers

4. Austin

For music lovers seeking a vibrant atmosphere, Austin is the perfect place to be - it's been rightfully crowned the Live Music Capital of the World. 

With countless live music venues, a thriving food scene, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, Austin is an ideal destination for solo female travelers seeking both excitement and relaxation. For a truly unforgettable experience, consider attending the Austin City Limits Music Festival in October.

Want to spend a longer period enjoying that musical vibe? Consider volunteering in Austin.


5. Hawaii

Last but not least on our list are the breathtaking islands of Hawaii. Whether you choose to explore Oahu's bustling city life in Honolulu or immerse yourself in Maui's lush landscapes and pristine beaches - there's something for everyone across these stunning Pacific islands. 

Plus, with Hawaii's welcoming culture, it won't be long before you feel right at home during your solo adventure.

Take a look at the great variety of work exchange opportunities in Hawaii.


5 best destinations for solo travel abroad

Feel like going abroad? We've also compiled a list of five incredible places around the world that are ideal for female solo travelers. Each location offers unique experiences, rich culture, and opportunities to connect with locals and fellow travelers alike.

1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, known for stunning architecture and vibrant atmosphere, is an excellent choice for women traveling alone. The city's walkable streets make it easy to explore famous landmarks like La Sagrada Familia or Park Guell on foot while enjoying delicious tapas at local eateries along the way. 

With friendly locals and plenty of activities catering to various interests such as art galleries or beach lounging, Barcelona is sure to leave you feeling inspired.

Enjoy Barcelona to its fullest by volunteering there.

barcelona is another great place for Solo trips for women

2. Rishikesh, India

If you're seeking spiritual growth during your travels, Rishikesh, located in northern India near the Himalayas foothills, should be on your bucket list. Known as the Yoga Capital of the World, this sacred town offers numerous yoga retreats where you can practice meditation surrounded by serene landscapes alongside River Ganges banks. It’s a truly transformative experience!

To delve deeper into local culture, check out the work exchange opportunities in Rishikesh.


3. Oaxaca City, Mexico

A colorful gem nestled in southern Mexico, Oaxaca City welcomes visitors with warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage rooted in indigenous traditions combined with Spanish colonial influences. 

Discover the vibrant bazaars, savor delectable Oaxacan cuisine, and delve into traditional art forms like pottery or weaving. Plus, with a low crime rate and friendly locals always willing to help out lost travelers, you'll feel safe exploring this beautiful destination.

Immerse yourself in local culture through a volunteer program in Oaxaca State.


4. Florence, Italy

Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance era and home to iconic art masterpieces like Michelangelo's David statue or Botticelli's The Birth of Venus painting, is an ideal destination for solo female travelers interested in history and culture. 

Wander through picturesque cobblestone streets while admiring stunning architecture or enjoy a glass of Chianti at a local enoteca (wine bar) after visiting world-renowned museums like Uffizi Gallery.

Take a look at the Worldpackers positions available in Florence.

Solo trips for women in Italy

5. Bali, Indonesia

Bali offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for women traveling alone. Known for lush landscapes filled with rice terraces and volcanic mountains alongside pristine beaches lined with palm trees, there are endless opportunities to connect with nature here. 

From yoga retreats in Ubud to surfing lessons on Kuta Beach or temple visits around the island, you're sure to find activities that suit your interests while feeling welcomed by Balinese hospitality.

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FAQs about solo trips for women

Why should women take solo trips?

Solo trips empower women to explore new places, gain independence, and build self-confidence, providing opportunities for personal growth, cultural immersion, and making connections with like-minded travelers.

What percentage of women travel solo?

Approximately 32% of women have traveled alone at least once in their lives, and this number is steadily increasing as more females embrace the benefits of solo adventures and seek out unique experiences across the globe.

Ready to embark in your solo adventure? Start by browsing the hundreds of work exchange opportunities available on Worldpackers and reading all the blog posts we’ve written with valuable tips for solo travelers. If you dream of traveling, don’t let the lack of company stay in your way. 

Discovering the world by yourself will be one of the best experiences of your life!

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