Host Response Guarantee

We have confidence in our community's involvement, so if you don't receive responses from our hosts, we'll refund you.

How does the Host Response Guarantee work?

If you submit five or more applications to hosts and don't receive any responses within the initial 30 days of your plan, you can request plan cancellation, and we assure you of a refund.

What are the requirements to qualify for a refund?

  • Members of any Worldpackers Trips, Pack, or Pack Plus plans with confirmed purchases starting on Sep/08/2023;
  • Verified members who have applied to 5 or more hosts within their first 30 days as members and have not received any replies to their applications.
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Why is the Worldpackers community so engaged?

Verified hosts

Our team verifies all hosts before they are approved on our community, conducting checks on their location, online references, and other online verifications.

Transparent community reviews

After each exchange, travelers and hosts provide reviews about their shared experience.

Dedicated host team

Our team keeps an eye on the hosts’ reviews and activity, deactivating non-responsive or too negative reviews.

This doesn't mean you'll get replies to every application, but it helps us get great engagement:


of members who send 3 applications receive responses from hosts


thousand of experiences facilitated by Worldpackers

What thousands of Worldpackers are saying about it

Luz Fernández

I'm really satisfied with the promptness and speed of response from the hosts. Their answers have been quick, clear, and effective, which enhances the ability and possibility for one to plan the trip and the logistics associated with volunteering with even greater certainty.

Anikó Szloboda

The responsiveness of my host, Juan at Green River Hostel in Cuenca was absolutely perfect, 10/10! He answered the first message that I wrote to apply within an hour, which was an unexpected and very encouraging start. It made me feel safe, secure, important, and appreciated from the very first moment. I was so grateful for that!

August Wolfe

Pleased so far! Been on less than a week and already have gotten several offers. Been on Workaway for over a month with zero offers. That should tell you something!

Luiz Gonzales

So far, Worldpackers is a gem, I really recommend it. I'm heading out for my first volunteering tomorrow and I just downloaded it yesterday.

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